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The School

Ayni Spanish Institute is a school run by Bolivian linguists. They will introduce you to the Bolivian lifestyle as well as customs and traditions of the Spanish speakers of South America.

Our purpose is to familiarize learners with the language's every day use. That is to say, introduce the different varieties of Spanish that exist while guiding learning through the indispensable framework of grammar.

These courses are all adaptable to any plans you may have while you're in Bolivia. Taking Spanish classes will help you to enjoy and take advantage of your time here. Your increased knowledge of the language and South American cultures will make your trip an unforgettable experience.


The Team

Our teachers are experts in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. And although all have a good handle on the English language, we try to use it only when necessary in order to enhance the student's learning experience.

Celia Maldonado

Hello everybody! My name's Celia and I live in La Paz, Bolivia. I studied linguistics and languages at the University Mayor de San Andres. In my time off I love to go out to the countryside and care of alpacas and llamas. And you may ask, look after alpacas and llamas? Well, yes. My family is indigenous Aymara which traditionally raises llamas and alpacas in a high mountain region of Bolivia. Of course I also love to teach Spanish and I think it's important to include in my teaching a focus on the history and culture of Bolivia and South America.

Zulma V. Parra A.

Hello! My name is Zulma, I'm Bolivian and a graduate of linguistics at the University Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz. Some important courses from university that have aided me greatly in teaching are: "Fonetics," "Group Management," "Difficulties in Learning," and "Special Education."

In my short time working at Ayni Spanish Institute I've had some wonderful educational experiences. Of course I've had the once in a lifetime opportunity of meeting a variety of people from all over the world and I've also had the privilege of witnessing their progress in Spanish. It's so exciting to hear more and more complex phrases, a wider array of vocabulary, and all while their speech becoming quicker and more natural when you know that in addition to their class time they've devoted their energy to studying after hours. Learning languages is an amazing journey and if one decides to push on they are able to achieve anything they desire. I can't wait to meet you at Ayni and start you on your journey!

Nilda Inés Mamani

Hi, my name is Nilda Inés. I'm Bolivian and I have an advanced degree in linguistics and languages, specializing in Spanish, from the University Mayor de San Andrés. I have three years experience teaching Spanish at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

I have been working at the Ayni Spanish Institute two years. It's been a wonderful experience meeting great people from all over the world and getting them started on the path to learning Spanish or improving their abilities. It's my belief that as a teacher, one must recognize the individual needs and interests of their students to create an effective and fun personalized class experience. For me, it's a joy to come to work and I look forward to seeing you in my next class!

Claudia Espejo

Hi, my name is Claudia Alejandra Espejo Choque. I've completed a Bachelor's Degree in linguists and languages from the University Mayor de San Andrés and I'm currently working as a primary teacher in the public school system.

For two years I've given Spanish classes on call at Ayni Spanish Institute and I've thoroughly enjoyed myself. I find that while I'm teaching them Spanish I also learn a lot about their countries and their cultures and I find this cultural exchange enlightening and inspiring. With each class the student learns a bit more of our language and customs and I learn a little bit about them and where they're from in return, which I believe is a part of weaving the cloth of intercultural understanding.

Loida Orellana

Hi! My name's Loida and I'm from La Paz, Bolivia. I'm the receptionist at Ayni Institute and I also am studying linguistics and languages at the University Mayor de San Andres.

For two years I've been working at the institute and I've enjoyed them immensely for the wonderful people I've had the chance to meet. The greatest part of my job here is being able to speak Spanish with the students after their course, who, upon starting, knew very little indeed. It's a lot of fun! Come and study with us at Ayni! I can't wait to speak to you in Spanish!

Nancy Maldonado

My name is Nancy and I'm indigenous Aymara, and like my sister Celia, I belong to a family that raises llamas and alpacas in the mountains of Bolivia. I'm also history student at the local university where I've focussed my research on local history and folklore. I'm currently working for the federal government as an archivist.

Learning about the traditions and history of Bolivia is a great way to enhance your language and cultural experience and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you on line or in person.

Juan Marcelo Ticona

My name is Juan Marcelo. I'm Bolivian and I have an advanced degree in archaeology and a BA in history. I've studied in depth a number of aspects of our society, culture, and art in Bolivia dating from the prehispanic period until the present. I'm a professor at the University Mayor de San Andres and researcher of the Institute of Bolivian Studies (Instituto de Estudios Bolivianos).

I'm the author of four books on local history and various articles on diverse subject matter including social movements, natural resources and intercultural health. In addition, I work in making documentaries and press articles on historical themes. In these projects as well as on multidisciplinary development projects development I have ten years experience working and studying in many different contexts and on a variety of subjects.


Students/ Testimonials

Quelques houres de cours m’ont permis une remise à niveau rapide. Cadre tres agreeable, materiel fourni. Et surtout, des professeures qui ont toujours le sourire et qui n’hesitent pas a nous faire part ager leur culture
Bordeaux, Francia
Julio 3, 2011

I have spent two days improving and refreshing my Spanish grammar and I have found the experience extremely enjoyable and feel that I have learnt a lo in only 8 hours of classes. Also, Bolivian Spanish is much easier to understand than in most other countries and therefore, I would recommend that anybody wanting to learn Spanish from scratch or the significantly improve their level of fluency should attend classes at this school.

Tom Hawkins

Facile d’acc’es et padfesseurs agreables permettant de se remettre a niveau (ou d’apprendre) facilement, rapidement et l’espagnol! Une petite touché de culture bolivienne bonne en plus uncertain chartie et les heures passent vice.
De París
Julio 3, 2011

I studied at the Ayni Spanish School for 7 weeks.  When I stated, my Spanish was very basic however with such a great teacher, I quickly improved. The teacher was an excellent teacher who taught me in Spanish but who also had a good enough grasp of the English language to be able to explain concepts to me in English when I did not understand. I would thoroughly recommend this school to anyone who wants to improve their Spanish language quickly. Thank you!

Laura Niblett
March 2011

Der Spanisch-kurs war wirklich eine gute Idee, da man ia Sudamerika einbediegt leintensse Draudit. Der kurs war sahr gut, intensive & trota der leurzen Zeit lieben wir viel geleriet!! AuBerdan war es interessant, eiher uber Bolivia zu eifahren.
Der Spanisch-Kurs war wirklich eine gute Idee, da man in Sudamerika

Der Kurs war sehr gut, intensiv und trotzdem der kurzen Zeit haben wir viel gelernt. Außerdem war es interessant etwas über Bolivien zu erfahren.

Vielen Dank an Celia, es liat Sclir viel Sapass gemadit!!!


Live Celia, Jovana en Zulma,
Wat ein onwgs te gedde tyd he bis gehad vier in La Paz en das

Great Spanish Lessons! Perfect for a few touch up lessons, or a few weeks! I would definitely recommend Ayni to anyone while in Bolivia.
Jacinta Van Link

I  did a year of Spanish before but I have  forgotten all the grammar.Thanks to Celia I was able to revise my Spanish lessons in  a short week and now I can speak better Spanish  than when I arrived  ten days ago. It is a good thing to do. Speaking some Spanish really help me in my travel across South America.

We whole heartedly recommend “Ayni Spanish Institute”!
Celia is a great teacher.  She took us through the basics of the Spanish language in a logical and understandable fashion.  Her classes were always well prepared with different materials, such as reading, grammar, listening comprehension as well as text production and free talking.

The classes were adapted to our individual needs and conducted in a colourful way.

Overall, a very enjoyable experience that has advanced our level of Spanish Tremendously!!!

Thanks a lot for your great classes!

Vegard Grilje                                   Magdalena Kaeser
Noriega                                             Germany

The lessons were very good.  We had homework, we practice a lot. The teacher was clear in her explanation.  For me was a good time and I learned a lot.  Thank you for you patient!


Our classes were very helpful.  Our teacher was very friendly, patient and happy to go slowly for me. Classes’ times were flexible and we could choose whenever we wanted. The study material was easy to follow and made verb conjugations easy to understand.

Julie Bullpit

 Letter of recommendation for Ayni Spanish Institute (ASI). Ayni Spanish Institute is extremely professional, well organized and based on concise, clear lesson plans.  With a highly educated background in linguistics, the instructors are able to explain grammar beyond that given in any text.  I found this impressive in comparison to a previous Spanish school where instructors were able to give examples, but unable to explaining rules precisely.

Ayni Spanish Institute integrates listening and writing with speaking. There is no preaching of grammar to where on feels overloaded, but a balanced curriculum that caters to the difficulties of the individual student.

I highly recommend Celia, the owner, as an exceptionally qualified teacher with a unique ability to simplify and clarify grammar with brevity.

Lauren Powel, United States
Universtiy of California Berkeleyh, B.A.
18th June, 2009

It was very nice classes with Lidia.  We could tell her what we wanted from any classes and we did that.  She was very good at explaining both Grammatik and tells stories Bolivia’s culture, food and indigenous people. It was very exciting!
She is a good lively teacher with good pronunciation and she is very sweet also.
Best wishes

Mette Christoffesen

I took on-to-one lessons with Celia everyday for one week.  My teacher was extremely patient and excellent at explaining the grammar, vocabulary to me.

The lessons are entirely conducted in Spanish which was very useful for listening comprehension, expanding vocabulary and communication. Celia was a great teacher-highly professional and my lessons were very enjoyable. 

Homework is given after each lesson, which definitely helps to reinforce what was studied that day. I would definitely recommend this school to others, my Spanish ability was definitely accelerated after just one week and I hope to come back and study here in La Paz after my travels.

Thank you.

Katie Linoyo

Thank you so much for your help.  You’re an incredible teacher and I wish you all the best.  Thanks so much. Anthony Shakinovsky

Thank you so much for the excellent lessons.  I was thrilled from the first day because you found the right place for my level of Spanish.  You are incredibly patient and very good at explaining context.  Class was always fun because you were so flexible and good-natured when me went “off-script”.  I learned a lot in a short period of time and I wish I were spending more days in La Paz so could take more classes with you!

¡Muchas Gracias!

Rumana Hussain

Thank you so much for the lessons, they were excellent.  In only four days (12 Hrs. total) I learned quite a bit.  You are a very patient, skilled instructor, and would definitely recommend your course to those looking to improve their Spanish languages skills.
¡Buena suerte!

Daniel Perl

This Spanish School is excellent! The teachers are all very dedicated and professional.  Celia has many years of experience in teaching, and is extremely patient with students.  The school is very well presented, clean and tidy.

The lessons are practical and informative and cater to students needs.

I would thoroughly recommend this School too anyone wanting to learn Spanish.

Felicity Evans.

I have had 5 lessons with Celia and learned much more than attending structured courses in the past.  I found that Celia was very receptive to my level of understanding and was very patient during times of difficulty.  I can highly recommend her for both private and group lessons.

Nathan Evans.

¡Las clases fueron muy interesantes!
La profesora es muy competente! Para nosotros fue muy buena, aprendimos mucho, (¡más de lo que esperábamos!)  “We enjoyed going to the Spanish Classes!” La escuela es mucho mejor que la escuela donde estuvimos en Guatemala.

¡Gracias por todo!

Los suizos Jasmin y Florian


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